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Wednesday, October 17th 2007

1:41 AM

All gone!

I am happy to announce that all my Blog posts now have been published on Blogspot!

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Friday, October 12th 2007

3:53 AM

Most posts moved!

You are now able to read all my posts from the year 2007 on Blogspot, some from the previous year still are awaiting to be published there.

Click here
to get there.

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Tuesday, September 25th 2007

3:21 AM

Moving my Blog!

I have decided to move my Blog so here is the new address for those who are interested:


I am deleting all my posts from here and so far you are able to find all published posts
on Blogspot as soon as I possibly can upload them.

Welcome to check out my new Blog !

You can also click here to get there.
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Thursday, September 20th 2007

6:37 AM

P. S.

Happy birthday!

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Thursday, March 2nd 2006

4:41 AM

First post on the Net ever!

I am glad I have gotten this far with creating a website of my own. Some things just seem too easy.

I am very pleased to have gotten my journal up and running as the first thing.

Today's entry won't be that long, but I am in the future going to write about contemporary things that are happening here in Finland right now.

So even if you're not here, are coming here soon or have already left this country, you can always check what has been happening lately.

And, most important of all, when discovering new things about the social life and etiquette here in Finland that is good for us foreginers to know about, then you'll be the first to know about them here on my page and in my Journal !

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